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Digital Media Profile | a 90-day plan for your CEO job search or investor outreach 

The 90-day job search campaign

Part of our Career Navigator Program, the digital media profile (see blue circle below in the model) is designed to engage decision-makers and influencers on your targeted company list (whether you’re looking for an employer or an investor).

Engagement must happen virtually, meaning you won’t meet your networks in person. It will be by telephone or video call, which is certainly more than obvious these days during the global pandemic.

In 90 days we gain traction with your targeted organizations. Cold outreach to organizations needs to be carefully considered and thoughtfully executed. This is what we do at Westgate.

Career Navigator Program

From cold outreach to connection to engagement and job offer on LinkedIn

Engagement is important because although you may have the most powerful value proposition in your industry, if your targeted audience is not aware of you, you won’t be found (recognized). Engagement is and easy when you know whom your meant to connect with at your targeted companies. Our digital engagement platform produces results quickly, although our experience is that it takes at least 90 days to see truly tangible results.

To grow your thought leadership and visibility, track your content engagement in a spreadsheet similar to the one below.

Campaign Metrics Example

It's efficient to track your engagement with decision makers in your ideal companies in order to prioritize. Use our method below to help stay on top of your list.

Ideal Company Metrics

At Westgate we track your performance on LinkedIn (and Twitter when applicable).

In example A, you can see we’ve tracked the performance of our own engagement during a campaign we ran. You can see from the 'LinkedIn Performance' column:

Views: 1,102

Reactions: 23

Comments: 22

Companies viewed: Amazon, Google, BoardEffect, American Express, Apple, Irving Oil, Pacific Western Bank, Lantek, Carter Wellington

Titles of people who viewed: Executive Director, CIO, Founder, COO, Author, IT Executive, Consultant, Principal, CEO

Places: Toronto, NY, Boston, Calgary, Denver, Philadelphia, LA, San Fran, Atlanta, Chicago, Dublin, Paris

We are able to track various companies, geographic targets, and a wide range of titles. In 90 days, we are able to conclude very precisely, who is interested in our content.

In example B, we demonstrate how we track our clients' outreach and engagement on LI. We are able to conclude which individuals have interacted/responded to our clients outreach and we can see which company is interested in our client based on the repeat visits to the clients' LI profile, response rate, etc. 

Measured over 90 days, you can begin to see a pattern in the companies who are looking at your profile and the job titles of those individuals. Having a keyword rich profile will help to attract recruiters and hiring authorities in your targeted sector, such as data analytics, for example.

How it works

We identify the type of company you will target and all other companies not matching your criteria are excluded. This will save you time in your search and give you more clarity around your executive or board of director’s search.

Building on your DISC leadership assessment and the Reach360 Survey, we determine the appropriate organizations, geographical regions, and even the type of leader you want to report to in the long run.

Our approach is based on the principles of the law of attraction, and the purpose of this work is to get us thinking about your ideal company profile. The profile serves as an avatar that represents your ideal company or organization. If you consider the laws of attraction woo-woo, I want to let you know this is how we identify the best clients to help, suppliers to work with, and networks to engage.

This process will help you focus on your target before you begin your job search because, without such a plan, it will be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Being clear about the type of organization you are targeting will clear a faster path to a company that matches your values and meets your requirements.

It's easy using our checklist.

Westgate Text

This is a quote from one of our clients in Toronto, a young technology professional. We created a plan and checklist for him to follow each day with an investment of 20 to 30 minutes. This step-by-step process takes the guesswork out of cold networking.

“I'm getting into it! From 15/16 connections this morning to 22 right now. You were right the snowball effect is real.

Thank You!!!!! I ended up going from a low-low, to a fantastic high as I received an offer from the company I interviewed with in December. I am ecstatic. This result is a direct consequence of your mentoring and guidance and as a matter of fact I can trace this new career all the way back to the technique you taught me of connecting with those looking at my LinkedIn profile. Thank you.

This would not have been possible without you and you have given me a great set of tools and framework to continue on really supercharge my career. As a side note the day to day duties of this job are ideal for me at this point in my career.

I have unprecedented access to resources a multitude of different companies and technologies, so Thank you again for helping me find such a great fit. I hope you are doing well and staying safe and healthy. Regards, Brandon!”

Digital Media Networks

The next step is to follow-up with your targeted list regularly. Our checklist helps take the guesswork out of what to do. In as little as 15-30 minutes per day, you can gain traction fairly easily.

Westgate Text

At the CEO level, very few jobs are advertised which is why we don’t invest a lot of time with online job boards. It’s an investment of time and effort that produces very little return on time invested (ROTI). Instead, we focus on the 80% to 90% of jobs that are not advertised by approaching organizations directly.

Westgate Text

Almost without exception (unless you’re targeting the FBI, the CIA or an equivalent type of organization), you will need a digital media profile that is targeted toward your industry sector and organization specifically. With little more investment than your time (you can easily do this on your own with as little as 15-30 minutes per day), you can launch your own 90-day campaign and track your results over 12 weeks. Then you can repeat it with even less effort because you will have a blueprint.

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