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Are You Ever Tongue-Tied?

Are you ever tongue-tied?

Nail your elevator pitch today in 69 words or less using my 5-step process

Do you dread creating an elevator pitch for your job search because it feels contrived and formal? Do you stress when someone in authority says “Tell me about yourself?”

Use these scripts to gain confidence and reduce stress in your job search. The SARIC formula is easy to use and can be used in every situation.

elevator pitch

First, you need to know whom you’re speaking to and who they are, if possible. Each of these decision-makers will have a unique perspective.

  • CEO
  • BOD
  • Investor
  • Owner

Second, you must consider the context. Where are you? Are you at a job interview? Are you at the park? Are you at a cocktail party or a golf tournament? The context will impact the tone and delivery of your message.

Third, what do you want to accomplish with your pitch? You must be crystal clear on what you want the person to walk away with after they’ve heard your pitch.

Here is mine:

“I am a 9-times credentialed career coach. I work with executives around the world. I get my clients market ready in 30 days and help them negotiate an average of 15.5% increase in total compensation.”

This is a pitch I deliver when I am in a business environment. It is crystal clear what I do and the outcome I deliver.

If your audience is a CEO, Board of Director, or another decision maker:

“I am a business turnaround expert for healthcare organizations. I help these organizations become more efficient, have higher employee engagement rates, and earn more revenues. In fact, I helped the Chronic Granulomatous Society of New York increase revenues by $9.8M in two years. This meant they could serve 1765 more patients each year. I am interested in speaking with boards of directors in the healthcare industry about their needs.”

Follow up with a statement or question that draws them in:

“Have you heard of the Chronic Granulomatous Society of New York?”


“Tell me about your organization. I would like to learn more.”


“May I tell you more about our organization?”

The purpose of the follow-up response is to engage the recipient so that now you are creating an inclusive conversation that is not all about you. Many clients claim that the pitch process feels one-sided to them.

Here is the formula for creating your elevator pitch, called SARIC:

Step 1 Situation – I am a business turnaround expert in healthcare organizations.

Step 2 Action – I have helped organizations improve performance.

Step 3 Result – Last year I helped ABC generate a $2.5M increase in revenues.

Step 4 Impact – We were able to serve 28% more patients.

Step 5 Call to Action – I am speaking with boards of directors in the healthcare industry about their needs.

Context impacts delivery. So, for example, in addition to being an executive career coach, I am the mother of two girls. If I were at a soccer tournament and someone were to say: “Tell me about yourself,” I would likely reply with:

“Thanks for asking, Elon. My two girls are involved in soccer. One plays defense; the other is the goalkeeper on the same team. When I’m not on the soccer field, I work as an executive career coach with clients around the world to help them land new jobs faster.”

You must feel comfortable with the pitch, and so you will need to take my words and customize them to suit your voice. However, use the SARIC process and eliminate the stress of creating an elevator pitch today.

If you are struggling with your elevator pitch or your job search, contact us today for a confidential and complimentary consultation. 

Maureen Farmer is an executive career coach anchored in Halifax, Canada, serving clients globally.

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