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Pack a Punch in Your Executive Resume with a Visual that Opens Doors 

executive resume with visual componenAccording to Neo Mammalian Studios, visual components in a presentation are processed 60,000 x faster in the brain than text.

Think about adding a visual component to your resume. This will create a lasting impression that will open a door to your targeted organization in record speed and land you a powerful face-to-face meeting with the Chairman or the CEO.

Influence is a powerful component of your personal brand. As a successful business leader, being able to influence others is how you got to where you are today. Taking that influence one step further in your career marketing documents can shorten your career journey exponentially when you get to meet that elusive CEO or Chairman you’ve been following.

And it’s easier than you think!

Let’s face it, people are overwhelmed and overworked. Think about the number of resumes submitted for open corporate positions—sometimes up to 1000 or more (which is why, of course, you are using the powers of the hidden job market to make your next move).

Don’t believe me? I recently heard from a former client that she received 750 applications for an open position in their firm and I cannot imagine how they filtered through all of those resumes. According to my client, the successful candidate had a warm lead and had networked her way into the organization.

You’ve probably been one of those individuals yourself during your career—poring over endless stacks of resumes looking for that rainmaker who entices you to pick up the phone and call based on maybe one word or phrase that stayed with you.

Even with robust applicant tracking systems, busy HR professionals and executives will need to review resumes for open positions. Make yours stand out with a visual that packs a punch.

You may know that some applicant tracking systems (ATS) that are used to screen resumes do not process graphics well. While this is true, there is a work-around for this. If you include a simple graphic component to your resume, you then simply give the narrative version of the graphic.

Transform boring text stories into powerful visuals that make people notice you immediately.

Consider these boring accomplishment statements. Transform them instantly [click on the links to see how these boring statements were transformed with a visual].

Reversed 7-year decline in direct mail revenue.”

Profitability through innovation, slashing costs, and customer loyalty.”

Unparalleled success in business growth.”

How to do it.

Using the chart feature in Word or by using PowerPoint, add your data to the chart and then save it as a .jpg. You can then use the “Insert” feature in Word where you will choose “picture” and then add the .jpg.

The beauty of using .jpg files is that you can easily manipulate the size of the graphic in the resume without distorting it. Once you have inserted the file, simply use CTRL + the top image handle to resize it.

Save your resume as a PDF because your graphic will stay in place and you won’t need to worry that the recipient’s software version will reformat all of your hard work.

Bonus Tips:

According to a Harvard Business Review Blog Article by Carmine Gallo:

Research shows that most of us learn better when information is presented in pictures and text instead of text alone. When ideas are delivered verbally—without pictures—the listener retains about 10% of the content. Add a picture and retention soars to 65%.

As neuroscientist Dr. A.K. Pradeep confirms, our brains can’t ignore novelty.

They are trained to look for something brilliant and new, something that stands out.” Pradeep should know. He’s a pioneer in the area of neuromarketing, studying advertisements, packaging, and design for major brands launching new products.

If you could shorten your job search by 3 months by creating a resume that works immediately, what is the ROI for you?

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