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Are You Making this Deadly Interview Mistake?

Two business people having job interview with young manIf you are invited to job interviews time and again, but are not getting job offers, you may want to examine your body language.

This is the story of Mercedes, a skilled former chief editor for a specialized trade magazine. Mercedes moved to the northeast to accommodate her husband’s career as a surgeon. Mercedes had a great value proposition, 15 years’ experience in her industry and was anxious to get back to work.

After seven long months and five job interviews for quality positions in her industry, she only got as far as the first interview—5 times.

Clearly there was something going awry because—all things being equal—she was more qualified than her peers. Feedback from hiring decision-makers was vague. “Not the right fit for their teams, not enough experience in x” and a host of nebulous reasons that were not helpful.

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