Building your career is like building a business.
You need to be strategic.

Raising visibility in your industry helps to differentiate you,
and this is where Westgate Career Coaching helps.

We work with high-achieving executives who are looking for career transformation, including internal promotions, publicly traded board of director opportunities (BOD), industry changes and those individuals who are planning to start a consulting business of their own.


  • Looking for a job opportunity for the first time in decades?
  • A business owner who wants to get back into the labor market?
  • An executive who wants to start your own consulting company?
  • Concerned that your age is standing in the way?
  • Seeking a graceful exit from your employer, business or board?
  • Requiring a clear, hassle-free path to your next opportunity?

Who You Work With

Maureen Farmer Executive Career Strategist

Maureen Farmer, Founder & CEO

Chartered Professional Human Resources

Certified Career Management Coach

Certified Executive Résumé Strategist

Certified Career Strategist

Certified Hidden Job Market Coach

Authorized DISC Behavioral Consultant

Certified Personal Branding Strategist

With 25+ years multi-industry corporate experience

And 360 REACH Branding Analyst

Used by 20% of Fortune 100 companies

You’re an achiever.
Now you need a plan to build on that achievement.

The Career Navigator Program is a premier signature personal branding package for the high-achieving executive who is:
New to the labor market and is looking for a clear path to your next opportunity that is aligned with your values, your goals and your lifestyle
This transformational program puts you in charge of your career and raises your visibility, establishing your authority, your position and your brand in a way that’s authentic to you


Access to resources 99% of your competitors don’t have.
Unlimited 1:1 coaching sessions.
Companion documents.
Guaranteed results.

I was surprised by how authentic networking is when you assess your skills and values and then create a brand that is true to those findings.

CIO  | Reporting to the CEO of a $15B+ public company

Join the 1% of job seekers seeking 95% of hidden opportunities.

According to the late Mark Hovind (*, these hiring statistics were collected from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Hidden Job Market Revealed


Hidden Job Market Infographic Guide