C-Suite Optimization Program (CSOP)

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Contact: Maureen Farmer | Founder & CEO



C-Suite Optimization Program--Driving peak performance for CEOs & their boards

Halifax, NS, Canada (June 14, 2022) – Westgate Executive Branding and Career Consulting, Inc., is delighted to announce the launch of their C-Suite Optimization Program for organizations and boards of directors seeking leadership optimization for their C-Suite leaders.

The C-Suite Optimization Program (CSOP) is a customized leadership performance optimization that puts essential messaging and authentic personal branding into the hands of the leader.

“Your brand speaks for you when you’re not in the room, which means you need a reliable brand to promote you with investors, the media, and capital markets,” says Farmer.

Executive personal branding uncovers authentic messaging based on personal values using verifiable tools. Personal branding strengthens communications with internal and external audiences to support the corporation’s brand and its business goals.

Given that 30% to 50% of CEOs will fail in 18 months, protecting the investment in selecting the new CEO is paramount (Harvard Business Review, After the Handshake: Succession doesn’t end when a new CEO is Hired, Dan Ciampa, December 2016). 

“The most valuable part of our work together was validating my experiences, guiding me toward taking risks, and supporting me in achieving my goals. As a newly appointed CEO, this was pivotal.” Janice, C., CEO of a National Organization representing 900,000+ stakeholders. We work with business leaders who are experts in their fields, and they deliver results for their companies, customers, and investors.

Westgate’s clients are repeatedly recruited and rapidly promoted. They are go-to leaders for complex challenges. They are honored in their industry and respected by their teams.

However, when faced with significant appointments or internal promotions, many first-time leaders don’t always know how to position themselves in front of the board of directors, shareholders, investors, media, and regulators. Although they are hired for their expertise and their knowledge, they don’t always have the tools required to build relationships at this level.

About Westgate Executive Branding

Westgate Executive Branding & Career Consulting Inc. delivers customized leadership optimization solutions to private equity firms, portfolio companies, and mid-market corporations seeking a sustainable leadership blueprint. They work with organizational leaders in the United States and Canada during critical transitions, such as a merger, acquisition, integration, pre-IPO, post-IPO, and other challenges.