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Landing a Board of Directors Position

Do you have sound knowledge of governance issues facing the board? There is a degree of risk when one takes on a Board position, so understanding that risk is important.

Is the industry regulated? If so, who are the regulators and do you have any experience, knowledge or interaction with those regulators? How well do you understand the industry?

Understanding the industry doesn’t become as important as understanding governance practices especially when the experience of directors of the board complement one another. Say for example, one board member was an industry expert and another understands the regulatory side from his/her own industry, etc.

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Canada’s Governor General and Bullies in the Boardroom

The July 20, 2020 public disclosure that Canada’s Governor General (the Queen’s representative in Canada) might be a bully, wags a finger at one of the most prolific causes of illness, absenteeism, and unhappiness at work today.

The World Health Organization asserts that adults who are bullied at work are prone to suffer from health issues, including cardiovascular problems and depression.

I’m one of those who suffered this type of treatment at work; so, I know firsthand how it feels—the dread of going into work each day, the Sunday night anxiety, and the uncertainty of working with a manager with erratic and aggressive behavior. I also know the ravages of illness brought on by stress at work.

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Covid-19 career strategy & transition services for CXOs – how to choose a career coach

One of the most recent developments in the job search industry is
the evolution of the career coach as an essential component for any
top‑level job search campaign. We hear about coaches in the media, read
about them in resume books, and even see them on Oprah! Seven years
ago, when I first opened my doors, coaching was a virtually unknown
profession. Today, it is evolving at a phenomenal rate.

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Find an Advisory Board for your Career

Ignite your career change with an advisory board to help you identify blind spots and uncover opportunities you may not have considered.

Advisory boards can help with:

A promotion
An industry change
A board opportunity
Interviewing for a job
Attracting investors to your business
Helping you get back into the labor market after selling your company

In the early days of Westgate (formerly Word Right Career), I had the good fortune to benefit from an advisory board when I was conducting primary market research for our business plan. It was a one-time event that was moderated by a talented facilitator, similar to a focus group.

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Salary Negotiation

Chances are you’ve not had to negotiate a starting salary for a long time—potentially never if you’ve been rapidly promoted and repeatedly recruited throughout your career. Starting from ground-zero in the salary negotiation process can be daunting for even the most business-savvy executive. This guide will familiarize you with the complexities of the salary negotiation process in today’s labor market.

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Redesign Your Existing Job

The Hidden Job Market – part 7. Suddenly, you’ve found yourself slightly dissatisfied, restless and disenchanted in the position you’ve held for years. You can’t really admit to being unhappy but your mind has started imagining very green grass on the other side. You’ve found yourself wondering, is it time? Should I stay or should I go? Big and life-altering questions.

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Why Relying on Recruiters Solely is like Putting Your Eggs in One Basket

It’s this: Among people who are considering making their next career move, there is this constant, ever-popular, misleading, misapprehension that a recruitment firm is somehow going to target you in one of their stealth searches, airlift you from your current circumstance and then safely parachute you into your next executive position.

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