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Grab the attention of decision-makers with powerful metrics in your executive resume..

As you set out to write your resume, you are likely scratching your head with wonder: what on earth do I include? With a reputation for being over-analytical, I have often faced the paralysis-by-analysis syndrome working myself into a lather as I forge ahead on some project with content that is foreign to me. And, I’ve been known to make things complicated, according to my 19-year-old daughter: “Mama, why do you make things so complicated?” Honestly, I don’t know, but what I do know is that by simply taking action, you will gain momentum in your project.

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Impress decision-makers with a branding statement, metrics and results!

What do you do differently from other executives in your industry? Do you deliver financial results in spite of massive barriers in the marketplace? Perhaps you are an expert at developing deep partnership relationships with distributors that help you to reach new customers. Perhaps you are a process guru who spearheads improvements in manufacturing processes, shaving time and operating expenses from your balance sheet. Regardless of your expertise, your resume needs to convince decision-makers why they need to speak with you above others similar to you.

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Is My CV a Legal Document?

If you’re new to job searching, you’ll want to know what’s important for today’s hiring process. Although a resume is not a legal document, as is a job application, its contents will be scrutinized by the many parties who read it. If you suddenly find yourself in the labor market, perhaps for the first time in your career, you will need a branded resume.

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Will Your Executive Resume Pass the Test?

Recently I worked with an executive who is with an international consulting firm. He had been approached by the SVP of Research and Development and encouraged to apply for an upcoming senior-level vacancy. My client is brilliant, ambitious and clearly on the fast track. Both of us were feeling confident that he would ace the competition. After all he was tapped by the SVP and encouraged to apply. Our enthusiasm was quickly dampened when he discovered that he, like the other 200 applicants, was required to apply through his firm’s applicant tracking system.

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