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Canada’s Governor General and Bullies in the Boardroom

The July 20, 2020 public disclosure that Canada’s Governor General (the Queen’s representative in Canada) might be a bully, wags a finger at one of the most prolific causes of illness, absenteeism, and unhappiness at work today.

The World Health Organization asserts that adults who are bullied at work are prone to suffer from health issues, including cardiovascular problems and depression.

I’m one of those who suffered this type of treatment at work; so, I know firsthand how it feels—the dread of going into work each day, the Sunday night anxiety, and the uncertainty of working with a manager with erratic and aggressive behavior. I also know the ravages of illness brought on by stress at work.

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Find an Advisory Board for your Career

Ignite your career change with an advisory board to help you identify blind spots and uncover opportunities you may not have considered.

Advisory boards can help with:

A promotion
An industry change
A board opportunity
Interviewing for a job
Attracting investors to your business
Helping you get back into the labor market after selling your company

In the early days of Westgate (formerly Word Right Career), I had the good fortune to benefit from an advisory board when I was conducting primary market research for our business plan. It was a one-time event that was moderated by a talented facilitator, similar to a focus group.

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