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You’ve been a loyal and valued CEO.
You’ve brought success, results, leadership, and mentorship to your team.

You’re a stand-out leader.
You’ve been repeatedly recruited and rapidly promoted during your career.
You deliver results consistently.
Now that change is in the wind, you need an exit strategy.

Change is coming.

There is a merger or acquisition.

The industry is transforming.

The market has shifted and...

  • You’re ready for the next challenge in your career.
  • You know there’s a tangible opportunity cost to remaining where you are.
  • You need an exit strategy that leaves your reputation intact.
  • You care about your team and want to ensure they’re prepared for your exit.
  • You demand confidentiality, a scientific method, a proven process and results.
  • You know that, at your level, you need a personal brand that helps you stand out authentically.
  • You lack the bandwidth and time required to plan, write your materials and execute on a search.
Westgate Career Navigator Roadmap

The Career Navigator Program is a proven system used by
executives, like you, to forge a path to a new opportunity by:

  • Uncovering your brand, (your unique promise of value) and presenting yourself to your targeted organizations. You will feel confident presenting your value proposition to decision-makers.  
  • Clarifying your targets and using the hidden job market to pursue those organizations.
  • Branded career documents that open doors to decision-makers and influencers.
  • Creating a seamless exit from your employer with your reputation intact.
  • Forging a path to your next opportunity that is aligned with your values, your goals and your lifestyle.
  • Partnering with us to design a sustainable blueprint for your future career or business.

Maureen has redefined the standard for me. By the time you are done, you have the position, attributes and critical skills really well defined. This is the most detailed and complete career strategy process that I have ever seen.

COO | Healthcare Technology - Toronto Canada

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Career Navigator Program

At Westgate, we uncover your brand — your unique promise of value—to help build the foundation and your plan for an internal promotion, industry change, independent board of director seat or consulting practice.

We decide which direction is best based on your values and your goals. We guide you and facilitate the process using established and verifiable tools to uncover and validate your values.

Executive Personal Branding

Personal branding is not simply a logo or tag line, and it’s not just a series of marketing activities (advertising, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, email campaigns, social media etc.).

Successful personal branding is authentic to you. That means you use your values, passions, and strengths to distinguish yourself from others. 

Effective career marketing is based on an effective brand.

Successful personal brands are not created. They are uncovered, strengthened, and nurtured. Understanding your strengths, passions, goals, and values will help you focus your brand and translate it into success for your career.

Who We Serve

Westgate Executive Branding & Career Counselling work with high 6, 7 and 8-figure executives who are new to the labor market, many of whom have never faced a job search or board of director search.

Our executive clients are influential business leaders who don’t have the bandwidth to undertake a new job search and the work required to become market-ready (branding, executive resumes, CV preparation, LinkedIn profiles, and more).

What We’ve Found

The business leaders we work with are experts. They deliver results time and again. They’ve been repeatedly recruited for projects and rapidly promoted. They are the go-to expert for complex challenges. They are respected in the industry. Their teams honor them.

However, many business leaders don’t know how to position themselves because they’ve never had to.
When faced with a job interview, sometimes for the first time since college, they freeze. Now they are a job candidate for the first time in years and they don’t have a strategy for managing the process.

After several job interviews, or board of director interviews and there is no offer extended, it can negatively impact confidence.

Job changes are challenging on their own, especially without a robust professional network. Industry changes are even more challenging.

Functional changes (CFO to CRO or CEO) can take much more time and effort to land.

Our Solution

Westgate has designed an exclusive systems for:

  • Identifying core values and establishing goals for targeting the right organizations
  • Branding and career documents that open doors to decision-makers
  • Expertly navigating the board or job search for optimal results, including job offer negotiations and onboarding

    The Career Navigator Program can be used to create a traditional career plan as an employee in an organization or to create a business plan to launch or invest or purchase a new business.

    There are dozens of options and although the program is standardized, it’s also customized for each executive.

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  • Career Navigator Testimonial


    Toronto, Canada

    I learned… how to create an authentic brand for myself and develop communications and public profiles that supported the brand I was trying to project. 

    Having a well written, powerful resume and one-page biography, together with a LinkedIn profile that reinforced the same common themes was invaluable in the networking process. Those materials established instant credibility and opened many doors for me.

    My networking meetings were much more productive as a result because I didn’t have to spend very much time establishing my experience - most of the time could be spent brainstorming ideas and exploring opportunities in the industry today.

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    TO YOU

    We understand the importance of your position, your company and your future. Confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed in our work together. As a certified member of 3 professional career associations, Westgate is bound by the ethics and best practices of my industry.

    We will work together in a collaborative way to uncover your authentic and unique value proposition and transform your achievements into rich and powerful contextual language that will pique the interest of your targeted audience based on your values, your strengths and your achievements.

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