The Boardroom Door

From the corporate floor to the boardroom door

For CEO or board candidates who are seeking a non-executive board opportunity.

We have an inventory of more than eleven years of case studies, stand-out portfolios, and award-winning strategies to help you open that boardroom door.


• Don’t have the time needed to research and write board documents.

• Want to showcase their professional expertise and credentials to a targeted audience of boards in a way that leaves a lasting positive impression with decision makers.

• Need to refine networking skills and optimize their online presence to become a magnet for bigger opportunities, stand out in the marketplace, and attract the right boards.

Leading CEO

“Maureen’s process is the most complete, well documented and closely managed of all of the people I have ever worked with. By the time you are done, you have the position skills, attributes and critical skills really well defined. The care and documentation that goes into the presentation is excellent. This is the most detailed and complete documentation process that I have ever seen.

Finally, Maureen, is genuine, sincere, and hustles. What’s not to like about that?”

Brett H. | COO | Healthcare Industry
Toronto, Canada

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The Board Package Includes:

  • Board Leadership Assessment
  • Board Document (CV)
  • Board Bio (short and long form)
  • Board Value Proposition Letter
  • Board Interview Thank You Letter
  • Board Interview Framework
  • Nation-Wide CV Distribution Service
  • 3 Board Strategy Sessions

How The Board Package Works:

We schedule private confidential appointments by telephone, Zoom or Skype and collaborate as partners to ensure the end result is the best reflection of you and positions you to stand out as the first choice among competitors for your desired role.

You need a comprehensive, marketing mechanism for your board search to introduce you to targeted decision-makers.

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Executives Say....

Technology CEO

Halifax, Canada

“Maureen is a professional's professional. Not only is she very good at what she does but she takes a real interest in her client's success that can't be overstated. Her creative problem solving, and sage guidance helped create the focus and confidence I needed at this point in my career. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Maureen again.”

Chief Information Officer

San Francisco, CA, USA

“If you want it done right, engage Maureen. Simple as that.  She’s engaging, knowledgeable, transparent, honest, intense and darn good at what she does.  The takeaway isn’t just a world class CV – it’s empowering yourself for the next level too; understanding more of how you got there, and how to leverage resources to empower you to the next level.  Plus, it was fun and engaging, in a hard work kind of way.”

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We will work together in a collaborative way to uncover your authentic and unique value proposition and transform your achievements into rich and powerful contextual language that will pique the interest of your targeted audience based on your values, your strengths and your achievements.

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