C-Suite Optimization Program

Driving peak performance for CEOs and their boards

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We help boards do the right thing by supporting their senior leadership team in elevating their brand, lead with thought leadership and establish credibility beyond their networks.

Seamless transitions for new CEOs who are onboarding and CEOs who are departing.

The C-Suite Optimization Program (CSOP) is a premier signature personal branding program
for corporate CEOs who need to:

  • Optimize executive engagement
  • Strengthen market presence
  • Drive shareholder value
  • Improve productivity

  • When the corporation plans to grow and protect its market share by:

  • Launching a new product or service
  • Recovering from bankruptcy
  • Appointing a new CEO
  • Planning an IPO
  • C-Suite Optimization Program

    The C-Suite Optimization Program is a proven system used by
    executives and corporations to forge a path to new opportunities and successful outcomes

    • Protect the investment made in recruiting, selecting and onboarding the new CEO
    • Improve the CEO’s digital IQ to strengthen internal and market-facing personal brand presence
    • Build authentic trust and earn confidence of the board of directors and the executive leadership team
    • Drive effective decision-making to optimize performance faster
    • Help navigate the internal political landscape to reduce risk of costly mis-steps early on
    • Address the trend of the Great Resignation through better executive engagement which will save money, reduce disruption, produce higher customer engagement, and satisfaction
    • Seamless transitions for new CEOs onboarding and CEOs who are departing

    The most helpful part of our work together was validating my experiences, guiding me toward risks and supporting me in achieving my goals. As a newly appointed CEO, this was pivotal.

    Janice Ciavaglia | CEO | Assembly of First Nations | Ottawa, Canada

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    Who We Serve

    Westgate Executive Branding & Career Consulting works with corporations and their executives who are looking to optimize their CEO presence and implement the right strategies in targeting long-term success.

    What We’ve Found

    According to “After the Handshake Succession doesn’t end when a new CEO is hired” by HBR’s Dan Ciampa, 30 percent to 50 percent of newly appointed CEOs will fail within 18 months of their appointment.

    Inheriting and onboarding a new team can take a great deal of time, patience, and energy.

    There is currently a tremendous opportunity for CEOs to harness the capacity of their teams and with little expense, except for time, focus and effort, and a handful of tools you can begin using immediately.

    Hiring a third party firm to support internal and external visibility, executive engagement and other c-suite optimization strategies can drastically bridge the gap between a plan and results. With more objectivity, we can help move the needle forward and faster. 

    Our Solution

    Implementation of our C-Suite Optimization Program (CSOP):

    We will improve executive presence and visibility within the external business ecosystem while also improving executive presence and visibility internally in support of the leadership team, employees, and the board.

    We will save you time and money as we sharpen your employer brand and keep your admirable reputation in tact.

    C-Suite Optimization Program Testimonial

    Chief Data Officer

    Seattle, USA

    “The interaction with Maureen and her team was very personalized. Honestly, it felt like working with someone who already knew me deeply. I was surprised that the experience was as intense and value packed as it was. It wasn’t an ice breaker; it was a deep dive.”

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    TO YOU

    We understand the importance of your position, your company and your future. Confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed in our work together. As a certified member of 3 professional career associations, Westgate is bound by the ethics and best practices of my industry.

    We will work together in a collaborative way to uncover your authentic and unique value proposition and transform your achievements into rich and powerful contextual language that will pique the interest of your targeted audience based on your values, your strengths and your achievements.

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