Sail into your next-level role with ease

Renewed confidence, validation of your established brand, and a personal go-to-market strategy for your next role, investment, or board opportunity. 

Customized personal branding services delivered in person or virtually, depending on the executive’s preference.

Similar to a company using a brand story to help market a product, stories are important for a leader’s personal brand.

We tell our clients when positioning yourself in front of a decision-maker, ask yourself this question. What can I do for the company? Solve a problem, save money, or make money?

But the fact is, this is just a piece of the puzzle. You need to also ask, who am I? What got me to this point? What motivates me? What goals do I have?

The more personal information that you can accumulate, the more a brand strategist can help bring out those details, weaving them in with the facts and figures of your performance.

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A personal brand you can use with the media, your investors, or employers to up-level your career

A professional networking strategy to build relationships beyond your established networks and gain the recognition you deserve 

A portfolio of door-opening collateral, including CV, bio, and social media strategy to help you stand out amongst your peers

Packed with

Premium Services & Products

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Position Yourself Successfully!

Successfully position your new management consulting firm, make an industry change, qualify for a CEO role, or secure a non-executive board seat


Raise your visibility in the capital markets, with media, & investors 

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What our clients are saying

I’m still with ABC Company and am absolutely loving the new job. The culture here is a perfect fit for me, the leadership is solid, and my team is a motivated, competent, high performing group that is teaching me a lot. With your help,I really did find the perfect job for me and I couldn’t be happier with the change.Working with an experienced career coach like you has reinforced my belief that expert guidance and advice really adds value to someone going through a career transition.

C-Suite Leader

Toronto | CANADA

Hello Maureen, I just wanted to let you know that I made the short list for the university position. Thank you again for all your assistance!

World Renowned Musician & Professor

Northwest USA

I learned how valuable it is to invest in yourself by working with a truly professional career coach and HR professional like Maureen Farmer. She is the ‘real deal’ – knows her craft and guides her clients through a well thought out method while listening to develop a unique strategy that suits your particular needs and goals.

Public Policy Consultant 

Ottawa | Canada

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Maureen Farmer - Executive Career Coach

25+ Years Multi-industry Corporate Experience

Maureen Farmer CPBS, CERM,
CCMC, CPHR - Founder & CEO

  • Chartered Professional Human Resources
  • Certified Career Management Coach
  • Certified Executive Résumé Strategist
  • Certified Career Strategist
  • Certified Hidden Job Market Coach
  • Authorized DISC Behavioral Consultant
  • Certified Digital Branding Strategist

Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist

The 360Reach Survey is used by 20% of Fortune 100 companies globally

optimize your brand in 90 days 


Is this program a good fit for me?

We work with high-performing leaders who are motivated to level up to a new industry, organization, or function including, a corporate board of directors role, or c-suite position. 

What is the price for this program?

The investment is 10K USD.

What is your payment schedule?

We offer a 3-part payment plan.

Why this is an excellent investment

  • Our fees are fixed price—one and done. This means no hidden or back-end fees. A standard practice is to claim a percentage of the executive’s first year bonus or base compensation.
  • With 30+ years in corporations at senior levels, our insights are highly relevant to today’s business leader.
  • Using powerful tools, we add new resources continuously.
  • This is a highly personalized service delivered privately and exclusively. There are no webinars or online programming.
  • In its 12th year, our program is highly customized.

What industry sectors do you serve?

Westgate serves board directors, CEOs, C-levels and divisional leaders in the following sectors and industries:
  • Private equity funds
  • Private equity portfolio companies
  • Software and technology
  • Commercial real estate
  • Consumer goods
  • Logistics 
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Publicly traded companies
  • Privately held companies
  • Corporate foundations
  • University foundations

Industries and sectors we do not serve:

  • Gaming
  • Pornography
  • Adult entertainment
  • Military-to-civilian transitions (with some exceptions)
  • Law enforcement professionals (with some exceptions)
  • How long is the program?

    The 90-day Brand is a Westgate program that will run over the course of three months. 

    How much time is required?

    Typically, we require one hour per week to complete the program. Although we require input from the executive, the 90-day brand is a done-for-you program. All of marketing, writing, consulting, and packaging is completed by our team.

    Will you have time to commit to my project?

    We generally complete client intakes year-round. Quality is a key value for Westgate and we are equipped to accommodate most client requests.

    What is the first step in the discovery process?

    You will speak with a member of our team for 30 minutes to discuss your unique situation. There is no fee for this consultation.

    Who is not suited for the 90-day brand?

    The 90-day brand is not suited for:

    • Leaders who are not motivated to execute the plan
    • Executives looking for a rapid result (need a new job or board role now)
    • Those who perceive professional services as a cost rather than an investment
    • Business owners who are looking for a quick transition into the corporate sector
    • Retired executives who have been out of the labor market for more than 10 years

    Do you offer a guarantee?

    We guarantee excellent and quality services. It would be inappropriate for Westgate to offer a guarantee when so many variables are out of your (and our) control. We do not work with individuals unless we’re sure we are the right fit for the client’s situation.

    What can I expect as a result of my investment?

    You can expect a complete rebranding that will raise your visibility and help you stand out in your sector. You can expect improved confidence, clarity, and a blueprint for your career or the new consulting business you’ve wanted to start.

    How many clients do you work with at a time?

    We can work with 10 private clients at a time. Above that number, we are able to depend on an extended team to help during busy times.

    Have you had unhappy clients?

    We are honored to report a near-perfect record in nearly 12 years. However, in two situations we worked with business leaders who did not benefit 100% from our services. In both situations they were looking for near-impossible fast results. Since then, we’ve further refined our qualification process to ensure we only work with individuals who are positioned for success. We’ve had two additional clients who ghosted us and did not respond to our outreach despite multiple efforts.

    Has Westgate experienced any legal claims?

    Westgate has not experienced any legal claims or complaints.

    Who are your competitors?

    Competitors include career coaches, executive coaches, executive resume writers, HR firms, PR firms, and recruitment firms (those who offer outplacement) around the world.

    What makes your firm different from your competitors?

    • Westgate is a boutique executive personal branding and career services firm serving high-profile leaders, CEOs, business owners, private equity partners, and entrepreneurs. We only serve senior-level leaders, making Westgate a specialized firm exclusively serving the senior business corporate sector in selected verticals. Our specialization in the corporate/board sector anchors our focus to produce stellar services for our clients.
    • We are a 100% independent and privately held firm and are not affiliated with any recruitment, outplacement, PR, or other type of firm. Trust is a core value, and our independent status makes us extremely attractive to executives requiring privacy, discretion, and confidentiality especially during a confidential transition. 
    • Most of our competitors do not include the breadth of services Westgate offers, such as strategic writing, coaching, consulting, scripting, networking development, etc. Westgate is part PR, HR, career, and personal branding.

    Can I pay Westgate to find a job or board seat for me?

    We do not offer this type of service. Our program is designed  to help you build a strategic plan for the opportunities that are most in line with your values and goals. Our program is built to have a long-term shelf-life. It is something that you can pull out and reuse with each new chapter in your career. 

    How fast can I expect results?

    In 90 days or less you will be market-ready.

    I’m seeking services on behalf of another person. Will you speak to me?

    Because of the highly confidential nature of our work, we are unable to do so unless we have the written and express permission of the executive to speak to us on their behalf for discovery purposes only.

    Who pays for your services?

    Services are generally paid directly by the client; however, we’ve worked with private equity firms and large corporations who have hired Westgate to assist a key leader with their exit strategy. Westgate is incorporated and insured and can accept payment in a number of ways, including credit card (through PayPal), direct deposit, and wire transfer.

    Cash flow is a challenge for me at this time. Do you offer loans?

    Westgate is a professional services agency and does not offer personal or business loans. There are a number of options available, including a personal loan from your bank. PayPal offers this type of service as well. We also offer a 3-part payment plan.

    Will this program work for me?

    If you qualify as a candidate for the program, the program will produce excellent results.

    Will you negotiate or discount your fees?

    Our fees are fixed and are designed to deliver quality outcomes for our clients.

    Do you have reviews or testimonials?

    Yes, we have dozens of testimonials for your review.

    Can I speak to your clients as a reference?

    Westgate clients are time-poor and are not available for this type of conversation. A Westgate Advisory Board member may be available.

    Do you travel to work with clients?

    Our services are designed for a virtual experience; however, we will travel to the client’s location at their expense when requested.

    If I’m not a good fit for this program, can you help me source another provider?

    Yes. Quality is one of our core values at Westgate. We will do our best to find a provider who will be a better fit. We are members of several professional associations, and our network is global, so we can generally source a professional in most places in the world.