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5 powerful ways to gain the edge inside your company [template + scripts]

Last week I delivered a presentation to 75 electricity professionals at a large electric utility conference in a neighbouring province. These professionals are highly trained experts. They know about very complex and sophisticated things, such as protection relay testing, electromechanical and micro-processor based protective relays, circuit breakers, transformers, and switchgear. Their work is absolutely critical to the public because they keep the lights on. What they didn’t know is that they—alone—can have a bigger impact on their careers than any manager, supervisor, or executive in their company. They own their own career.

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3 stress-free marketing tools for technology executives [scripts]

As an executive career management consultant and executive resume strategist, it surprises me that over the years most of my highly successful technology executives and CTOs struggle with simple marketing communications with their own professional networks. Many of my clients negotiate millions of dollars to fund enterprise-wide cyber security solutions for their companies or their own businesses, but struggle when they need to negotiate for or market themselves.

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