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Feeling rejected? Three reasons you’re losing the job offer.

Being invited to participate in a job interview is a privilege extended to the applicant. At the executive level, it is assumed that applicants have the skills and technical abilities required to do the job. At this level, a great deal of weight is given to the “fit” factor. If you are not known to the organization (i.e., you were not referred), decision-makers will be even more critical and careful when assessing your credentials and fit.

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When the Job Offer Falls Flat

After a lengthy job search, you’ve connected with an organization that fits you like a glove. You respect the company, the people and you know the industry. Everything is fitting together perfectly. You’ve met several times, have gone to lunch with the Managing Director and have been introduced to the executive committee. Your resume has been vetted through the Board of Directors and you hear positive rumblings. You are feeling positive about an imminent job offer. You are even planning your daily commute, mapping out your first 90 days on the job and imagining that dream vacation with your family. Then the job offer falls flat. They’ve selected someone else.

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