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How smart executives use LinkedIn

Business owners, corporate recruiters and corporate executives around the globe are harnessing the power of LinkedIn to grow their businesses. I read an article a few days ago that referred to LinkedIn as a Rolodex of 400 million people. No kidding! The benefit of LinkedIn is that it can serve multiple purposes and reach multiple audiences—depending on your goals.

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Planning Your Exit Strategy? How LinkedIn Can Help.

A corporate client recently contacted me to help him with a research project—to identify a list of ideal COO candidates for his company. As the CEO of a growing biotechnology manufacturing company, he told me he doesn’t have time for that stuff: “I consider LinkedIn my personal Rolodex, but aside from that, I don’t really use it.” Of course I was delighted to help with the project. Although I do not consider myself an expert on LinkedIn (after all—who can keep up? It’s constantly changing) I do understand the power of the tool.

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