The Professions Package

Uncertainty has cast a shadow over your future. Every instinct, every fibre of your being, is saying, “I’ve got to get out of here!”

The time is now to position yourself for success – a promotion in your own company or a targeted job search outside. You clearly understand your value proposition, and you know you need to spread the word.


• Don’t have the time needed to research and write career documents.

• Want to showcase their professional expertise and credentials to a targeted audience of organizations in a way that leaves a lasting positive impression with decision makers.

• Need to refine networking skills and optimize their online presence to become a magnet for bigger opportunities, stand out in the marketplace,
and attract the right organizations.

“As an international career strategist, Maureen helped position me for a unique opportunity in my targeted industry through strategic career documents that opened doors. In fact, her work garnered an international TORI award as a result. If you are looking for a step up in your organization or a step out, give her a call to help assist you make it happen!”

CEO | Keynote Speaker
San Francisco, CA | USA

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Your resume is – everything you’ve done, all your accomplishments, all your potential – on paper.

You understand the value of networking.

Your contacts are powerful, but limited in number or not connected in your target field.

You’re missing the suite of powerful career documents; the tools to effectively articulate your experience.

You’re struggling to find the time to invest in this process. You need an experienced resume writer who knows how to showcase your accomplishments.

Work with a multiple award-winning professional resume writer and triple-certified human resources professional to focus your effort, boost your confidence, communicate your accomplishments and demonstrate that you’re leading-edge.

The Professions Package Includes:

  • Customized branded résumé that opens doors to targeted decision makers in your desired industry.

  • Compelling value proposition letter perfect for targeted marketing campaigns that complements your résumé and can be used time and again.
  • Professional biography ideal for networking, introducing yourself to organizations, and use in keynote speeches, media releases and organizational announcements.
  • Perfectly polished LinkedIn profile to pique the interest of targeted employers and recruiters.
  • Tools and research 95% of your competitors do not have access to, including a 360Reach Survey, DISC Leadership Style Profile and a blueprint for job interviews.

  • CV distribution service to executive recruiters, venture capital and private equity companies across the United States and Canada.

How The Professions Package Works:

We schedule private confidential appointments by telephone, Zoom or Skype and collaborate as partners to ensure the end result is the best reflection of you and positions you to stand out as the first choice among competitors for your desired role.

Executive Professions Package document

You need a comprehensive, marketing mechanism for your executive job search to introduce you to targeted employers.
With evidence-based materials doors open and you are positioned favorably.

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Executives Say....

Senior Technical Manager

Melbourne, Australia

“I just wanted to let you know I have just been offered a big role with a new company and the new resume and completion of my MBA certainly assisted. I have had several positive comments about my resume and just wanted to pass my thanks onto you once again.”

Chief Information Officer

San Francisco, CA, USA

“If you want it done right, engage Maureen. Simple as that.  She’s engaging, knowledgeable, transparent, honest, intense and darn good at what she does.  The takeaway isn’t just a world class resume (CV) – it’s empowering yourself for the next level too; understanding more of how you got there, and how to leverage resources to empower you to the next level.  Plus, it was fun and engaging, in a hard work kind of way.”

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We understand the importance of your position, your company and your future. Confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed in our work together. As a certified member of 3 professional career associations, Westgate is bound by the ethics and best practices of my industry.

We will work together in a collaborative way to uncover your authentic and unique value proposition and transform your achievements into rich and powerful contextual language that will pique the interest of your targeted audience based on your values, your strengths and your achievements.

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