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A Cover Letter for Busy Executives 

Cover Letter Help for Busy Executives

How to create a simple cover letter to a CEO or Chair of the Board without an internal introduction.

If you want to introduce yourself to a company, without knowing whether a job opportunity exists, you can use this simple cover letter to do the heavy lifting for you.

First, do not be tempted to recite your résumé. In this letter, too much detail will overwhelm the reader.  

cover letter
  • The goal of the introduction letter is to trigger an invitation for a meeting or interview.
  • Use this simple, but powerful, strategy to connect the dots for corporate recruiters using this tried-and-true AIDA format.
  • Address your letter to a real person. Understand whom you are speaking with and understand his or her needs.

AIDA stands for:

  • A = Attention [grab your audience’s attention with something that they care about].
  • Interest [provide details that will capture the interest of your audience].
  • D = Detail [provide meaningful detail that demonstrates your credibility].
  • A = Action [your call to action].

Dear Mr. CEO,

Are you looking for a senior executive who consistently delivers ahead of target quarter after quarter?

During my 15 years in the energy industry, I consistently delivered 24% above target each quarter, translating to after-tax revenues of $3.5M each year.

I have a unique talent for determining the right fuel mix that reduces emissions while generating best-in-class fuel efficiency recognized to be at the top of the industry.

In addition to improving productivity by 24% quarter over quarter, I initiated a process that reduced lost-time injuries by three standard deviations. This improvement resulted in 7 fewer injuries within a workforce of 1200 employees in a high-risk industry. This lost-time reduction translates to $1.2M in avoided costs over a period of 12 months.

If you are interested in realizing similar results, let’s talk.


Your name

PS: I earned my MBA from Columbia University in New York City. Please see my CV for further details.

The letter should be no more than 250 words. Remember that the purpose of this letter is to get you an invitation to meet with the decision-makers in the organization.

The cover letter is short but provides enough detail to pique the interest of the reader, specifically recent metrics achieved.

Just as important as sending the letter to a specific person is to follow up with the CEO which is covered in a previous blog.

If you need help navigating the hidden job market, contact me today for a conversation on a new product, recently launched: The Customized Hidden Job Market Coaching Program.

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