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Impress decision-makers with a branding statement, metrics and results! 

decision maker reviewing a resumeExecutive resumes are written for multiple audiences. Stand out with powerful words that will set you apart.

What do you do differently from other executives in your industry?

Do you deliver financial results in spite of massive barriers in the marketplace? Perhaps you are an expert at developing deep partnership relationships with distributors that help you to reach new customers.

Perhaps you are a process guru who spearheads improvements in manufacturing processes, shaving time and operating expenses from your balance sheet.

Regardless of your expertise, your resume needs to convince decision-makers why they need to speak with you above others similar to you.

Give your resume the power of punch by providing personality, metrics and outcomes.

Use a branding statement to showcase your value proposition

Did you deliver on your plan in 2014 in spite of a downturn in the market or the economy? Provide context for your results by painting a clear picture for your reader.

“Experienced operations executive and rainmaker driving double-digit customer loyalty results through innovative loyalty programs.”

Use metrics to add punch

Instead of this: Responsible for P&L of $1.2B and penetrating new markets across multiple countries.

Try this:

“Delivered 50% year-over-year revenue improvements for 3 consecutive years in spite of an international downward trend in the manufacturing sector.”

Understand who you are writing for. Complex language laden with technical jargon will turn readers off and more than ever, today’s resume needs to speak to multiple audiences, both technical and non-technical.

Show impact with results

“Produced radical business acquisition strategies enabling  MyCo to overcome 8-year revenue dominance of incumbent global giants winning $268M+ in cumulative sell-to contracts propelling MyCo to #1 in market position worldwide.”

The ultimate test as to whether your resume will get a second read is to ask someone outside your industry and your profession to read it. If that person gets the gist of your key messages, then your resume will likely appeal to the wide range of audiences that will be reading it.

These audiences include applicant tracking software, the HR assistant who will be taking the top 10 or 15 resumes to the HR consultant, as well as the divisional director, vice president, CEO and board chair. The audience may also include the senior management team and their direct reports.

Simple, powerful and precise language will help your resume stand out and stay on the top of the pile helping you to land faster.

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