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Getting from Zero to 60 in record speed — How resumes are like cars. 

Branded resumes are like quality cars. They make a statement, get you to your destination faster and are more reliable.Do you drive an old car with outdated features? How reliable is it? Does it get you where you need to go? Does it get you there as fast as you want?

You may wonder how on earth resumes are remotely relevant to cars. Well, it’s an analogy that I think you will understand.

My executive clients will attest to my on-the-soap-box promotion of the hidden job market and always—without question—advise them to stay away from the advertised job market. If you are good at math, you will know the relevance of the odds. The odds of successfully securing a position in the advertised job market is 1 in 250, especially when you have a resume that does not stand out among the crowd.

Whether you decide to use the advertised job market or seek the lucrative benefits of the hidden job market, you will still need a resume. You know that a resume is not a legal document; however, it needs to be truthful. Beyond that, it needs to be persuasive and attractive in order to command the attention of the decision-makers in your network who can open the right doors to the right people for you.

Branded resumes are like quality cars. They make a statement, get you to your destination faster and are more reliable.

Recently I was honored to have two best-in-class resumes published in Resumes for Dummies, 7th Edition, by Laura DeCarlo. Submissions for the book were carefully selected among hundreds of submissions. Published by Wiley, the book was released in July 2015. The Dummies brand has 200+ million books in print and more than 1,600 titles.

There are huge benefits to using this book if you are planning your sunset career, seeking an investor for your business or want a lucrative board appointment. My advice, founded on my success with hundreds of successful executives, is always to invest in your future by hiring an expert who knows your targeted market.

However, not everyone has the courage to make that investment and this is where this book can help.

If you are a do-it-yourself executive who understands branding concepts, can write persuasively and knows how to speak to your target market through this means, and has the time to do it, then this is the resource that can get you to your destination in record speed, much like a high-speed sports car.

As a savvy executive, you know that resumes on their own will not get you a job offer; however, they are integral to your campaign because they are used for so many purposes. You need to write your resume for multiple audiences because not only will the ATS (applicant tracking system) be scanning it for keywords, the HR assistant, the HR Consultant, the Divisional head, the COO, the CEO and likely the Board of Directors will be reading your resume. Your resume will be passed around to everyone who has a vested interest in the “right hire.” Clients, insurers, and other stakeholders will also be reading your resume.

Your resume is your personal brand and is a reflection of your impeccable reputation in the global business community.

The book contains resumes written by top credentialed and award-winning resume writers across the globe, many of whom have worked extensively in corporate Canada and corporate US.

And, these resumes are based on REAL people, like you (of course their personal information is fictionalized to protect privacy). Not only are the resumes based on real people, but they are based on current leading-edge resume writing practices.

To highlight some of the benefits of this book:

  • You get access to real and current resumes that have opened doors for our clients. My two samples are from clients I’ve worked with in the last 9 months and both have landed successfully and are very happy in their new roles.
  • You get access to current design and formatting methods that are responsive to applicant tracking systems (ATS) and that answer the employer’s buying motivator: why should we hire you?
  • You get to clearly see each client’s value proposition. Remember these resumes are based on real people, like you.

What’s your value proposition?

Bonus tip:

If you have never worked with a career professional, please ensure you protect yourself by asking your professional resume strategist about his or her credentials, what professional associations they belong to and how they keep current in their industry. Individuals who lay claim to successful clients through their strategy, coaching and writing should be able to provide you with at least one designation through an accredited career professional association.

You are guaranteed access to this level of professional integrity through Resumes for Dummies, 7th Edition, by Laura DeCarlo and it’s a great read!

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Maureen Farmer is the Founder & CEO of Westgate Executive Branding & Career Consulting Inc., an international personal branding and career consulting firm delivering premier executive branding and career consulting services for high-profile leaders. Author of The CEO Script Vault: Job Search Scripts for Busy Executives, Maureen believes that when we’re doing work aligned with our values, everyone wins. Using the law of attraction to identify quality employers utilizing the hidden job market is a cornerstone of her career management strategy.

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