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Linked In scripts you can customize 

Linked In scripts you can customize

Do you avoid reaching out to decision-makers at your targeted companies because you’re unsure how to do so? Perhaps you feel wary or awkward about doing so?

In my experience using Linked In for business since 2011, I have only had two or three people not accept my invitation to connect. I always personalize my invitations, because I won’t connect unless I have something of value to say to my targeted contact. This is a golden opportunity to connect with a targeted prospect without having to travel across the continent to hear this person speak. Yet!

Let’s suppose you are a senior consultant and CEO of a cybersecurity firm where you created a human factors lab for the study of human behavior as it relates to exposure for companies when employees use their mobile devices at work to connect with customers.

You have saved companies millions in avoided risk with your proprietary methodology. You have keynoted several cybersecurity conferences. You are now ready to serve a board with your expertise. You know how important this work is because of the havoc that security risks pose to the public. You have identified a handful of companies and their board chair to approach.

Here is a simple script you can customize to reach out to Elon Mosk, the Chairman of the Board of Zontor Inc., a company that provides smart meter technology to the electricity industry.


“Dear Elon,

I read your article this week, The Impact of Human Factors and the Use of Mobile Devices in the Smart Meter Industry, in Global Information Week. I am a cybersecurity expert and keynote speaker and my entire career is in this field. I would be honored if you would connect. Sincerely, JP Morton”

Note: You have 300 characters to work with unless you have an email address. If you have an email address for your prospect, you have 2000 characters to make your pitch. This particular script provides just enough information in 294 characters to pique the interest of Elon and gives Elon a reason to connect with JP. It is my experience that when you deliver a personalized message that has a thoughtful backstory, people will be flattered and will accept.

Once Elon has accepted your invitation, close the loop by responding.

“Elon, thank you for accepting my invitation on Linked In. We may be of mutual assistance to each other. As you’ll note from my profile, I am in the field of cyber security. Please feel free to contact me at any time at or 222.222.2222.”

Here are a handful of Linked In conversations starters you can customize:

“Elon, I read your blog regularly and like your perspective on the risks of smart meter cyberattacks.”

“Nat, you may recall that we met at the Cyber Security Conference in San Francisco last week…”

“George, I see you also worked at Telsa Motor Company. I’d like to invite you to connect.”

“I’ve enjoyed reading your comments about open sourced networks in the Smart Grid Linked In group, and I think we share many of the same perspectives. I’d like to invite you to connect with my professional network on LinkedIn.”

Using Linked In to connect with board nominating chairman or chairwoman can help clear a path to a potentially rewarding opportunity with a company that needs your expertise at the strategic board level, especially when you have international experience.

In fact, the data are compelling. According to the World Stock Exchange, there are currently 44,850 stock exchanges worldwide representing more than 100,000 publicly traded companies. The primary risks in these businesses today, according to the World Economic Forum, is cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is trumped only by natural disasters and weather events.  

Linked In, as a vital component of your executive board portfolio, can optimize your visibility with your targeted audience safely and simply, and from the comfort of your office, home, or cottage.

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